Romance as I imagine it

I will begin by alluding the obvious. Tall, dark and handsome never goes out of style. I mean it’s just the right motivation you need to hold him tighter and squeeze his hand longer, yea? We will compromise on very many things, this is not one of those.

Back track to my Mills and Boon craze days. My girls and I would be glad for any free period or absent teacher so we could turn more pages during the day as we did during the night, during that time our parents provisioned for ‘studying’. There would never understand that some things were not taught in school. But we were smart enough to figure it out on our own. That’s why we took the extra class in learning of the classic romantic types. All of them.

There was a very popular one though. He was always a dark steady hunk with an even darker past. The charming gentleman, who would steal my heart and never know my name. Now I hope you appreciate how hard it was for me to imagine a very dark Caucasian or blonde man, but the writer arm twisted my imagination as my fingers danced at the corner of each page until there was not a single page left. No, it couldn’t stop my quest for a true love. Sometimes I get flashes of all the memories those books created for me. Of an abused child who grew into an intense and ruthless man who would as we witnessed turn into a sweet loving puppy at the mercy of some maiden teenage beauty, my favorite being a tired, persistent man who stood desperate for affection and would buy it by spilling his sentiments in an aggressive demanding tone. Then he would suddenly become a charmer. Ready, willing and volatile.

So when the time came for me and I stopped being skeptical of the slightest attention a male gave to me, I looked for that thing. That dark aura that would both excite and frighten you. The same would draw you as you tried to fight it. Evidently, that experience was only for my entertainment growing up. I mean seriously, where will you find a ruthless persistent romantic in this economy? For those of you who were wondering if we have any romantic men in this country, remember these words; you are lucky if you can find a man. Period. And by popular standard a man is simply he who can afford you. I’m not talking the Brazilian hair, and plastic nails kind of afford, girl please…I’m talking your daily whims and all unnecessary things he doesn’t understand, but adores you enough to still get for you. Because when he understands that unnecessary things are important, it’s because all the necessary things have been provided for. Add to that a pinch of confidence, a dash of wisdom, you can never have too much respect, and humour is overrated, I just want someone who doesn’t have to try to make me laugh. There’s something about a person with whom you can be yourself, the perfect brooding spot for fireworks, chemistry and connections over the longest of times, and that folk is romance as I imagine it…

Audrey Murenzvi


I am a Content Creator and Digital Marketer. I write mostly, social media status updates and other things like creative prose, and commercial copy for radio and social media. Make yourself at home. Always with love...TQD.

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