Audrey Tanaka Murenzvi
Content Creator & Strategist

Communication that meets your business goals

I write; Copy (the scripts on video, audio and text on graphic ads), UX Copy, Blogs, Web Content, Presentation Pitch scripts, and occasionally my Whatsapp status caption. I have quite a bit of experience working in Business Development (5 years isn’t that long a time now is it), hence I am good with strategy and digital marketing.

Preferably, I identify as a creative intellectual as it sums up my love for content creation and strategising, the two tracks in Business Development I am most interested in. With a background in Accounting and as a budding Entrepreneur, I relate with most if not all business models.

Writing from within

I got my first computer at age 7, and the first thing I mastered was opening the Notepad so I could write my first book. Needless to say, I have always loved English as a subject. By the time I had finished high school I had written, discarded or lost most of my materials. However, at that time I was trying out different types of writing as well. I joined a writing competition and came in second. 7 years later I am back to the essence of who I am. It was important that I pursue a career writing everything and anything because the many times I came crashing, it is writing that saved my life. That and an overactive imagination.

Putting the head to work

Being low key OCD has helped me to always think with the endgame in mind. And I guess I never knew I was a workaholic until I realized I spend most of my days actively pursuing all of my hobbies. I can’t afford any down time as idleness drives me off my hinges. So I overthink, build and collapse with my mind, and always look for a way to not only make things work, but to make them last and to keep making them better.

These are some of my clients

Still not impressed?

Bakani Pilime
Back end Web Developer
Job: Social media promotional text

Pilime as a techie wanted to communicate his skillset in the most effective way. And the jargon he knew wasn’t doing him any good, so I helped him write posts for Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn that he could use to increase the conversion rate on his posts as well strategise his online content and engagement.

Kim Bwanya
Web Designer

Job: Application forms

Bwanya is good at what she does, but not so good expressing herself on paper and where a written application is concerned, she needed an extra head to put across her vision. With that brief, I helped write and edit her story and events to make them practical and relatable.

Non-profit organisation

Job: Web Content and Blogs

Online real estate is the most popular today. And the call to action has to be crystal clear. Stemming from the business model and organisational profile, I condensed and conpressed pages of dense text to easy going friendly day to day conversation to better communicate the project to it’s target market.

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