Letter to my country

Oh beloved Zimbabwe!
To everyone who professed their love for you,
You have asked to die for you.
You have churned them and spew them, into a world selfish and cold.
The reason why shall forever remain unknown.
Leaving them no choice,
Leaving them to suffer a slow unending death,
Wrapped in the denial of an everlasting hope,
You have mocked their every effort,
And shunned the glory they once above you shone.
They each looked you in the eye
And loved you ever so dearly, U looked back.
Counting down the time to your victory façade.
You have killed us Zimbabwe!
And still we lie at your mercy,
Eyes bleeding the blood of a dying romance,
And holding on to your past warmth and wetness.
But tell me, where is your greatness?

Audrey Murenzvi


I am a Content Creator and Digital Marketer. I write mostly, social media status updates and other things like creative prose, and commercial copy for radio and social media. Make yourself at home. Always with love...TQD.

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