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I took a class in my first year of college which spoke in detail about positioning for companies and brands. Specifically how the external environment was a subject to always remain keen on so as to retain the objectives of the internal organization. I didn’t understand this concept until I really had to during this week. It’s been a tough good one. Coming to terms with my feelings and the point I am in my life, I was trying to determine where I was and how I got here.

End of 2016, I had the following year all planned out, at least half of it. One week into 2017 that plan derailed, completely. After that, every other plan couldn’t be set into motion and I started to doubt just how much I wanted what I wanted then. 3 months in and all I can say is I don’t like surprises, but when has what I like ever happened?

I never thought I would, but I sought some validation, I wrote and some of you read. It felt like good validation, but it too wasn’t part of the plan. I gave up certain habits, vital outlets to temporarily not deal with what needed to be dealt with. And I met people, the bulk which I can only thank God for, and the others whom their future existence in my life is largely questionable.

As you may know, I had made the decision to be an unlimited edition a while ago, a self sustaining human being, who would try her best to provide for her emotional, physical and financial well being without bending way too backwards. In a split second I forgot all that. It’s as though I watched the ghost of me stand behind and walked out to try so hard to be a part of something. I hurt myself. And now that I don’t know why, I am writing this. So that I can remind myself that whoever chooses to be or not to be in my life, I should be careful who I associate with, and what I start doing to gain or lose them. For I could gain crowds and lose myself, and that would be the death of me!

You may find this a bit funny, but I also like to learn from my entertainment, songs and movies that is. And if there’s one thing I’ve taken away from Western culture as depicted in their movies is that there is a lot of transparency. Even companies have adopted full transparency as a viable marketing strategy. Why? Because nobody likes to be bullsh*ted any longer.

Those characters I see stand up for what they believe in even though they have to stand alone. That conviction alone sets them to meeting the people they need in their life, and also to where they really want to be. Each one has an ideal that they adhere to and they work relentlessly to making that reality perfect in their realm.

It’s both dangerous and admirable. Imagine being in a world where you can get anything you want, and you have the freedom to do so. Well anything in this context doesn’t mean everything, there are some legal consequences to certain actions that would render some types of madness abominable. But still, being so honest with yourself against adversity and reprimand, and knowing truly and deeply that you are that which you have decided to be, and nothing can deter you from it, that magic, is rare and desperately needed in this day.

Consequently, good relationship management, whose principles begin with transparency and brutal honesty is a breeding spot for good attractions. You can’t go far wrong telling the truth. Not just to yourself, but to everyone around you. And then unapologetically standing for that.

This isn’t quite popular in my culture. We grew up from the lies they fed us under the pretext that the truth was for the elderly only and children were either too young to understand or too innocent to believe.

So as the Unlimited Edition, I’m hereby faced by the pledge to continuously bring this conviction to life by how I live it. Being Unlimited in truth and in deed. As hard as it can be. As lonely as it will be. I’m writing to you, to never let anyone, no matter how great they are, or how much you feel you need them tell you what you can or cannot do. You are your greatest asset, so always keep yourself in check. You are not for sale!

Why should you listen to me anyway? I’m obviously not doing such a great job at this life thing yes? But I’m only telling what I wish I had been told. Because to be truly wise isn’t just to learn from your mistakes, but it’s also learning from the experiences of others…

Audrey Murenzvi


I am a Content Creator and Digital Marketer. I write mostly, social media status updates and other things like creative prose, and commercial copy for radio and social media. Make yourself at home. Always with love...TQD.

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