It’s been 15 min and some 40 sec since the last.
Stole a bite, wiped my mouth, called it the last.
Like choosing between becoming a mole or a snitch, my tragic fate.
On my next breathe I have to choose the good or the bad.
Pause this moment in time, study the pros and cons, my God!
Call me sickly, crazy or mad, the only drugs I know are insane.
Hid them away so I could regain my prowess.
But I’m lost fighting I battle I can’t understand.
Everything that I want kills me, yet deprivation is my certain death!

Audrey Murenzvi


I am a Content Creator and Digital Marketer. I write mostly, social media status updates and other things like creative prose, and commercial copy for radio and social media. Make yourself at home. Always with love...TQD.

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